Online Questionnaires

Online Questionnaires
With Reliability and Validity

Evensen Web Design is expert in the design and deployment of online questionnaires.  Reliable (what's reliability?) and valid online questionnaires (what's validity?).

With our help, you can

  • assess customer satisfaction
  • conduct a human resource audit
  • conduct a training needs assessment
  • assess your work team effectiveness
  • conduct a training evaluation
  • assess employee satisfaction
  • research many other topics as well.
There are a lot of web sites promoting their online surveys and questionnaires.  They're inexpensive, you build, launch and conduct your own survey.  They are user friendly, have a great appearance and wonderful testimonials.  Anything missing in all that?  Yes.  They are for entertainment value only.  If you plan to make decisions and allocate resources based on the results you get from them, you need to ask some tough questions about reliability and validity.  Those two words separate the experts from the "quacks" in the internet questionnaire business. 

Take a look at some of our clients who have used our questionnaire services, and look an an example of a survey, with the ouput reports.

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Click here to visit, our other web site with more than 25 examples of reliable and valid questionnaires deployable online and customized to your situation.

Visit Training Gap to see a site just for Training Needs Assessment

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